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2014 WMS capabilities doesn't work for version 1.1.1

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-11-2016 04:26 AM - edited on ‎04-21-2017 06:32 AM by Technical Evangelist (711 Views)


This case affects users using GeoMedia WebMap v2014 with EP08 or EP09 specifically.

After creating a WMS and configuring it appropriately it works correctly for the GetCapabilites for version 1.3.0 but will return an error when specifying version 1.1.1 in GetCapabilities call.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ServiceExceptionReport version="1.1.1">
   <ServiceException code="NoApplicableCode">
      <![CDATA[Metadata configuration is invalid. Capabilities Validator reported: 
      The element 'Capability' has invalid child element 'PostSupportNode'. 
      List of possible elements expected: 'Layer'. 
      [An unexpected error occurred. Original message: 'The element 'Capability' 
      has invalid child element 'PostSupportNode'. List of possible 
      elements expected: 'Layer'.']]]>



This 'PostSupportNode' element doesn't exist in the file 'capabilities_1_1_1.dtd' in 2014 EP08 or EP09, but it is found in 2015, where it is working correctly.


With GeoMedia WebMap v2014, EP09 was the last EP to be released prior to that major version ceasing to be supported. As such there will be no additional EP or patch fix made to that version. Users of that version can upgrade to either GeoMedia WebMap v2015 or 2016 and have this issue resolved.

For those wishing to stay on v2014 the resolution is to take capabilities_1_1_1.dtd from either of GeoMedia WebMap v15 ep05 or 2016 and use this file to replace file in v14 ep08 or 09 in templates/schema for WMS templates and /schema or existing WMS instances. This file can be accessed by downloading those versions of the applicaton from downloads at