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Consumer Portal using IIS rewrite rule hangs on splash screen, fails to load

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-19-2016 03:57 AM (468 Views)


Our GeoMedia Webmap server is never to be accessed directly so we have implemented an IIS rewrite rule so that calling a user friendly URL redirects to the server. The rewrite rule contains the host and Consumer Portal application name, but we notice the instance is stalling at 'setcookie' and 'html.js'. The site never loads, how can we use Consumer Portal with a rewrite rule?


While adding a rewrite rule for the '/host/service' will cover most cases when dealing with a Consumer Portal instance (other instances as well), it doesn't cover all areas that require access when rewrite is in place. 

Additionally the Consumer Portal and the WebGIS product instances are not only a webpage but an application as well and in general will access other services on the webserver and to do this successfully via rewrite the rewrite rule needs to account for that. 

For instance:

access to /backend/ is required for 'setcookie' mentioned above and access to /node_modules/ on the server is required for html.js also mentioned here.

When encountering this issue a development console should be opened to trace the network traffic for the instance and any hang up that is occurring that does not reference the '/host/service/' parent folder should be accounted for in a rewrite rule.