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Consumer Portal won't start after defining Oracle search in AdminConsole

by Technical Evangelist on ‎08-15-2019 06:21 AM (25 Views)


After you define an Oracle search in the AdminConsole > Search Configuration, none of the existing or new Consumer Portal instances start anymore.


If you open a Network tab, of the web browser's developer console and refresh the page, you can observe initial requests including those pointing to a service called Backend, e.g.:

  • GET /backend/v2/connection/setcookie

That is first and basic request sent to the Backend service, which creates a cookie in the user's browser cache. When you try to open this request directly through browser's address bar, i.e. http://localhost/backend/v2/connection/setcookie, there will be most likely more detailed error message with following or similar text:

The type initializer for 'Oracle.DataAcces.Client.OracleConnection' threw an exception



To fix this issue, make sure that you have Oracle Client 32bit installed together with ODP.NET / ODAC components. Supported and tested client versions are (as of 2018 release):

  • 11.2 (11g)
  • 12.1 (12c)