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GeoMedia 2020 Update 2 compatibility with WebMap 2020 Update 1

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-20-2020 12:12 AM (186 Views)

This is a warning notice, that GeoMedia 2020 Update 2 (release info) is not fully compatible with GeoMedia WebMap 2020 Update 1 (release info).


  • It had been found that after installing GM 2020 Update 2 the Mobile Publisher command will crash due to changed libraries registrations.
  • Full compatibility tests were not run, but e.g. WebMap WFS works properly

We do not recommend installing GeoMedia 2020 Update 2 on a server with WebMap 2020 Update 1, unless there's e.g. required a critical fix available in this version, and Mobile Publisher isn't of concern.

  • WebMap 2020 Update 2 will be the compatible version.
on ‎10-20-2020 06:17 AM

Hi Jan,


do you have a date for the WebMap 2020 Update 2 release?


Best regards