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GeoMedia WebMap Configuration Wizard does not run

by sclow on ‎02-03-2016 08:54 AM - edited on ‎04-13-2017 07:00 AM by Technical Evangelist (585 Views)


After a successful install of GeoMedia WebMap 2015 the Configuration Wizard which is the final step in the installation procedure does not come up. Additionally, when the user selects the GeoMedia WebMap Configuration Wizard from the programs menu nothing happens and the GUI never comes up.


Without IIS installed the GeoMedia WebMap Configuration Wizard will not run and  does not necessarily provide a message indicating that IIS is not currently installed.


In cases where the GeoMedia WebMap Configuration Wizard does not come up after product installation or nothing happens when selected from the installed programs menu it is likely the IIS has not been installed on the Server.

To install/activate IIS on the Server please see the Windows IIS help pages and search for your IIS/OS configuration. http://www.iis.net/learn

by Hal2
on ‎10-26-2018 02:21 PM

I would like to add that I had IIS installed but a default website was not available.  I had to add a default website in order for the Configuration wizard GUI to start.