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GeoMedia WebMap Map Server Manager terminates Map Servers immediately

by on ‎03-16-2018 02:55 AM - edited on ‎05-16-2018 12:49 PM by Community Manager (841 Views)


When setting up GeoMedia WebMap's Map Server Manager to limit the memory growth of the managed Map Server pool, whenever the threshold is met, the MapSvr.exe process is terminated immediately. This is done regardless of whether the Map Server is in the process of serving a request or not.


The behavior has been introduced with GeoMedia WebMap's 2015 EP04 newly rewritten Map Server Manager. The aggressive culling of over the memory threshold Map Servers has been put into place to obtain greater stability of the Map Server pool. The side effect of this is that a Map Server might get terminated in the midst of processing at the expense of not providing a response.


With Webmap 2018 a registry setting has been exposed to control the aggressiveness of Map Server Manager's pool culling.

To disable hard memory limiting, open the Windows Registry Editor on a machine you want to change the behavior and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Intergraph\GeoMedia Web Map\{version}\MapServerManager where {version} is specific to your installation. If it doesn't exist, create a DWORD value named DisableHardMemoryLimits under this key. Depending on the value set, the behavior changes as follows:

  • If DisableHardMemoryLimits is set to 0, the default behavior of terminating Map Servers regardless of processing status is used
  • If DisableHardMemoryLimits is set to 1, the Map Server Manager will only observe maximum Virtual Memory limit during the processing and defer the Map Server recycle to upon finishing of any processing.