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GeoMedia WebMap and Geospatial Portal - Cache Locations.

by Technical Evangelist on ‎06-07-2016 11:38 AM - edited on ‎04-13-2017 05:34 AM by Technical Evangelist (1,045 Views)


A customer has asked what files and folders they should clear to ensure updates to GeoMedia WebMap Service Source metadata is seen through services and in Geospatial Portal.


When updates are made to a GeoMedia WebMap Service Source (WMS, WFS and WebMap Publisher Portal (WMPS)) the changes may not be immediately seen within the Services or the clients connecting to them. This is due to caching mechanisms in place across the Intergraph products and 3rd party software (IIS). Here is a summary of the locations customers should be aware of. Note that depending on the type of edit made it may not be necessary to clear all of the cache locations and/or restart the Windows Services listed below.

GeoMedia WebMap

  • The MapServer processes cache information about Service Sources.
    • To clear this cache the Windows Service GeoMedia WebMap must be restarted.
  • There is a GeoMedia WebMap cache folder defined under System Settings in the AdminConsole. The files in this directory should be automatically cleaned after 25 minutes but a manual deletion of files may be necessary.


Internet Information Services (IIS) 

  • IIS caches information being handled through IIS.
  • In the event that a change is not shown after restarting the GeoMedia WebMap service, restart the service World Wide Web Publishing service.
    • It is also possible to clear IIS cache for individual web services and Geospatial Portal instances by restarting the IIS Application Pool using IIS Manager. This avoids having to restart the World Wide Web Publishing service.

WebMap Publisher Service caching


  •  The WebMap Publisher Service (WMPS) has its own caching. This is a server-side cache and is stored under C:\Intergraph\Services\Instances\<WMPS Service Name>\WMPS\cache (for v14) and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hexagon\Services\Instances\<WMPS Service Name>\WMPS\cache (for v15). For each Service Source connected to through the WMPS service there will be an xml file and folder of cached information. Delete the xml file and folder and the next map request should regenerate the cached information. A restart of Windows services should not be necessary.


Geospatial Portal

  • Server-side caching
    • Geospatial Portal is configured by default to use the Windows service Geospatial Server Capabilities Service. This service caches the GetCapabilities document for any connected OGC web service which improves performance. You can disable the use of this service by each Geospatial Portal instance in the web.config file by editing the parameter useCapabilitiesCache.
    • To clear the cache held by the Geospatial Server Capabilities Service restart the Windows service Geospatial Server Capabilities Service.
    • Geospatial Portal also caches information about each instance under C:\Intergraph\Services\Instances\<GP Instance Name>\App_Data\Cache (for v14) and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hexagon\Services\Instances\<GP Instance Name>\App_Data\Cache (for v15).


  • Client-side caching
    • Browsers cache information about the current session of Geospatial Portal. You may need to clear browser cache before seeing an update made to the site or services.

Microsoft .NET cache

  • The web services and Geospatial Portal instances are built using Microsoft .NET 4.0. In some circumstances the .NET cache needs to be cleared. This is a server-side cache located under C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files (64-bit applications) and C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files (32-bit applications). The World Wide Web Publishing service may need stopping to clear this cache.


Internet Browser

  • All client-side browsers now cache information. Ensure you regularly clear all browser cache.