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Geospatial Server Cache Filler Service runs a limited number of simultaneous requests to WMS

by lukasz.baraniak on ‎07-04-2016 02:06 AM - edited on ‎04-13-2017 06:28 AM by Technical Evangelist (676 Views)


Even though the configuration file for the Geospatial Server Cache Filler Service has been changed to run more than the default 2 threads, by manipulating the CacheFillerThreadsNum attribute, the process of cache filling is progressing slow and it seems as though it is still set to 2.


.NET framework imposes a limit on the amount of simultaneous connections per server inside an application. The default is 2 so regardless of the amount of Cache Filler threads number, the amount of simultaneous requests for a single WMS will be capped to be at most 2.


Add a <system.net> configuration overriding the default .NET connection limit somewehere inside the Geospatial Server Cache Filler Service configuration file's <configuration> tag:


      <add address="*" maxconnection="10" />

For best results the maxconnection value should be set to the same value as the CacheFillerThreadsNum attribute.