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Increase the Feature Info tool tolerance for features of a WMS

by Technical Evangelist on ‎08-19-2016 04:50 AM - edited on ‎12-20-2018 01:29 PM by Moderator (2,804 Views)


In our Portal instance we have features displayed coming from WMS that use a PNG as symbol style. When using the feature info tool to review attributes of the features the tolerance is very specific and in most cases not consistent. Many times it is necessary to click the feature symbol hoping to hit the 'sweet spot' to return Feature Info dialog with attribute information. Setting "FeatureInfoBboxBuffer" value to higher number in Portal instance web.config shows no change.


How can we increase feature info tolerance for WMS features?


The FeatureInfo tolerance for WMS is set on the Service side as per the documentation. Please use the ‘getFeatureInfoTolerance’ attribute for ‘WMSBasicOriginatingPipe’ in the web.config of WMS to set this.  This is a factor by which the selected pixel's bounding box will be grown to query for features. Default value is 2 if not specified. Here is link to product documentation outlining this:!book;uri=f1883b3cec76de9586f282ffd1b7abff;breadcrumb...




<WMSBasicOriginatingPipe name="gwmOrigPipe" 
   forcePNG32="True" firstPipe="false" 

The knowledge article referenced in the Question portion of this article is specific to 'MapPublisher' service in Portal and will have no effect on WMS features.