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Keep your Geospatial Portal configuration intact when upgrading from version 2015

by on ‎06-13-2016 08:15 AM - edited on ‎09-03-2020 03:15 AM by Technical Evangelist (2,867 Views)


When uninstalling the Hexagon Geospatial 2015 (prior to EP06) products containing the Geospatial Portal component, the “Maps & Workspaces” and “Search Configuration” elements in the “Client Configuration” section prepared in the Administration Console may be lost.



The removal of the 2015 pre EP06 product to prepare for the installation of the 2016 or a later release will cause the loss of any modifications made in the “Maps & Workspaces” and “Search Configuration” in the “Client Configuration” section.



The uninstall process inadvertently deletes the Configuration Portal and Search Backend administrative instances which contain the information defined in the “Maps & Workspaces” and “Search Configuration” in the “Client Configuration” section.



The Administration Console 2015 Configuration Update utility has been provided by Hexagon Geospatial to apply configuration changes to the 2015 pre EP06 releases. After running the tool, the administrator may proceed with the uninstallation the 2015 versions of software and install the 2016 or later release. The configuration elements will be preserved in the 2016 or later release installation. You will find it attached below.


Affected Software

The products that exhibit the behavior described in this article include the ones from 2015 release with patch number prior to EP06 that are on the following list:

- Geospatial Portal

- GeoMedia WebMap (all tiers)

- ERDAS APOLLO (all tiers)