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No search results for WFS-G based on SQL Server

by sclow on ‎08-26-2016 05:07 AM - edited on ‎04-21-2017 06:39 AM by Technical Evangelist (1,112 Views)


The WFS-G has been configured as per GeoMedia WebMap Administrator Guide section 'Configuring WFS-G' and the getCapabilities returns the proper XML for the WFS-G. Despite this when using the 'Search' against this WFS-G in the Geospatial Portal instance there are no results returned.


When configuring the WFSGOrigPipe in the web.config file there is 'connectionType' element for which the documentation directs the user to the GeoMedia Object Reference document for the Type property of the Connection object. There the .GDatabase types are laid out for most, but not all connection types. If the user truly desires the SQLServer connector this is fine as they are documented as 'SQLServerRO.GDatabase' and 'SQLServerRW.GDatabase' correctly. 


One possibility and a common one here is that the user is using a SQL Server Native Spatial database and not a regular SQL Server database. The Native Spatial .GDatabase type is not documented in the GeoMedia Object Reference and thus it is reasonable to expect the user to configure the WFS-G ConnectionType improperly for a SQL Server Native Spatial database. In fact doing it this way will result in a proper getCapabilities return and 0 search results as mentioned in the symptoms. The user will not be immediately aware of improper connectionType. The proper connection type for SQL Server Native Spatial is 'SQLServerSpatialRW.GDatabase'.