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Unrecognized element 'LevelDefinition' starting CacheFiller service

by sclow on ‎08-08-2016 09:00 AM - edited on ‎04-21-2017 05:01 AM by Technical Evangelist (495 Views)


Using Label Web with a GeoMedia Webmap WMTS service causes some labels to be dropped/altered when they fall/appear on the edge of a WMTS tile. To resolve this the CacheFillerWindowsService.exe.config file is altered for 'LevelDefinition' buffer. Unfortunately this leads to error when implemented stating "Unrecognized element 'LevelDefinition' when the CacheFiller service is started.


The <LevelDefinitions> section of the WMTS in the CacheFillerWindowsService.exe.config file that should cater for this by allowing the tiles on a particular level to be created with a buffered tile and then cropping the result to the correct size is documented with an imporper tag name 'LevelDefinition'. Attempting to implement this given the current 16.00 or 15.00 documentation will result in error Unrecognized element 'LevelDefinition'


The .config and online documentation provides an improper tag 'LevelDefinitin' resulting in the error on service start. To resolve use the proper tag 'Level'

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<Level levelNumber="0" bufferSize="128"/>


This documentation will be updated in further releases to reflect correct tag usage.