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WebGIS Installation Checklist

by Technical Evangelist ‎10-31-2019 06:22 AM - edited ‎10-31-2019 06:23 AM (316 Views)

Following is the quick check list for new WebGIS installation consisting of all Windows Server features required by the software to run properly. List was exported using PowerShell command Get-WindowsFeature and filtered.

Please note that the .NET Framework Features version will differ between Windows Server 2012 R2 (.NET4.5), Windows Server 2016 (.NET4.6) and Windows Server 2019 (.NET4.7).


Display Name                                            Name                       Install State
------------                                            ----                       -------------
[X] Web Server (IIS)                                    Web-Server                     Installed
    [X] Web Server                                      Web-WebServer                  Installed
        [X] Common HTTP Features                        Web-Common-Http                Installed
            [X] Default Document                        Web-Default-Doc                Installed
            [X] Directory Browsing                      Web-Dir-Browsing               Installed
            [X] HTTP Errors                             Web-Http-Errors                Installed
            [X] Static Content                          Web-Static-Content             Installed
            [X] HTTP Redirection                        Web-Http-Redirect              Installed
            [ ] WebDAV Publishing                       Web-DAV-Publishing             Available
        [X] Health and Diagnostics                      Web-Health                     Installed
            [X] HTTP Logging                            Web-Http-Logging               Installed
            [ ] Custom Logging                          Web-Custom-Logging             Available
            [X] Logging Tools                           Web-Log-Libraries              Installed
            [ ] ODBC Logging                            Web-ODBC-Logging               Available
            [X] Request Monitor                         Web-Request-Monitor            Installed
            [X] Tracing                                 Web-Http-Tracing               Installed
        [X] Performance                                 Web-Performance                Installed
            [X] Static Content Compression              Web-Stat-Compression           Installed
            [X] Dynamic Content Compression             Web-Dyn-Compression            Installed
        [X] Security                                    Web-Security                   Installed
            [X] Request Filtering                       Web-Filtering                  Installed
            [X] Basic Authentication                    Web-Basic-Auth                 Installed
            [ ] Centralized SSL Certificate Support     Web-CertProvider               Available
            [ ] Client Certificate Mapping Authentic... Web-Client-Auth                Available
            [X] Digest Authentication                   Web-Digest-Auth                Installed
            [ ] IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authe... Web-Cert-Auth                  Available
            [ ] IP and Domain Restrictions              Web-IP-Security                Available
            [X] URL Authorization                       Web-Url-Auth                   Installed
            [X] Windows Authentication                  Web-Windows-Auth               Installed
        [X] Application Development                     Web-App-Dev                    Installed
            [X] .NET Extensibility 3.5                  Web-Net-Ext                    Installed
            [X] .NET Extensibility 4.7                  Web-Net-Ext45                  Installed
            [ ] Application Initialization              Web-AppInit                    Available
            [ ] ASP                                     Web-ASP                        Available
            [ ] ASP.NET 3.5                             Web-Asp-Net                    Available
            [X] ASP.NET 4.7                             Web-Asp-Net45                  Installed
            [ ] CGI                                     Web-CGI                        Available
            [X] ISAPI Extensions                        Web-ISAPI-Ext                  Installed
            [X] ISAPI Filters                           Web-ISAPI-Filter               Installed
            [ ] Server Side Includes                    Web-Includes                   Available
            [ ] WebSocket Protocol                      Web-WebSockets                 Available
    [ ] FTP Server                                      Web-Ftp-Server                 Available
        [ ] FTP Service                                 Web-Ftp-Service                Available
        [ ] FTP Extensibility                           Web-Ftp-Ext                    Available
    [X] Management Tools                                Web-Mgmt-Tools                 Installed
        [X] IIS Management Console                      Web-Mgmt-Console               Installed
        [X] IIS 6 Management Compatibility              Web-Mgmt-Compat                Installed
            [X] IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility            Web-Metabase                   Installed
            [ ] IIS 6 Management Console                Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console          Available
            [ ] IIS 6 Scripting Tools                   Web-Lgcy-Scripting             Available
            [ ] IIS 6 WMI Compatibility                 Web-WMI                        Available
        [ ] IIS Management Scripts and Tools            Web-Scripting-Tools            Available
        [X] Management Service                          Web-Mgmt-Service               Installed

[X] .NET Framework 3.5 Features                         NET-Framework-Features         Installed
    [X] .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)  NET-Framework-Core             Installed
    [X] HTTP Activation                                 NET-HTTP-Activation            Installed
    [ ] Non-HTTP Activation                             NET-Non-HTTP-Activ             Available

[X] .NET Framework 4.7 Features                         NET-Framework-45-Fea...        Installed
    [X] .NET Framework 4.7                              NET-Framework-45-Core          Installed
    [X] ASP.NET 4.7                                     NET-Framework-45-ASPNET        Installed
    [X] WCF Services                                    NET-WCF-Services45             Installed
        [X] HTTP Activation                             NET-WCF-HTTP-Activat...        Installed
        [X] Message Queuing (MSMQ) Activation           NET-WCF-MSMQ-Activat...        Installed
        [X] Named Pipe Activation                       NET-WCF-Pipe-Activat...        Installed
        [X] TCP Activation                              NET-WCF-TCP-Activati...        Installed
        [X] TCP Port Sharing                            NET-WCF-TCP-PortShar...        Installed

[X] Message Queuing                                     MSMQ                           Installed
    [X] Message Queuing Services                        MSMQ-Services                  Installed
        [X] Message Queuing Server                      MSMQ-Server                    Installed
        [ ] Directory Service Integration               MSMQ-Directory                 Available
        [X] HTTP Support                                MSMQ-HTTP-Support              Installed
        [ ] Message Queuing Triggers                    MSMQ-Triggers                  Available
        [ ] Multicasting Support                        MSMQ-Multicasting              Available
        [ ] Routing Service                             MSMQ-Routing                   Available
    [ ] Message Queuing DCOM Proxy                      MSMQ-DCOM                      Available

[X] Windows Identity Foundation 3.5                     Windows-Identity-Fou...        Installed

[X] Windows Process Activation Service                  WAS                            Installed
    [X] Process Model                                   WAS-Process-Model              Installed
    [X] .NET Environment 3.5                            WAS-NET-Environment            Installed
    [X] Configuration APIs                              WAS-Config-APIs                Installed