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GSP - Prepare the feature classes for a personal layer (PSS) for fast redlining

Hi guys,


perhaps somebody has already a solution for my problem. I want to create a default pss-layer that already contains generic feature classes (eg point1, point2, line1, line2, area1, area2). This pss should be available and perhaps even added to the map per default when the user starts up the portal. The goal is to speed up the process of digitizing. Right now each user needs to run through the process of creating a new pss, define the features for the layer and then add the needed layers to the map. Those steps are quite complicated for an non-GIS user and they take quite some time.


I have tried to add the predefined pss to the default map-layout. In principle, this solves the problem. But each user is then working on the same container when adding new features. This means that everybody is getting all objects of all users - which is not a good thing at all.


Does anybody have some ideas how to enable a faster feature collection based on a pss?


Thanks for any hints in advance


Thanks for any hints in advance


Geography is what geographers do...
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Re: GSP - Prepare the feature classes for a personal layer (PSS) for fast redlining

  • Admin Console, open Maps & Workspaces
  • Load or create a workspace
    • populate with desired content as usual
    • click 'define a data source' button, Personal, give it a name (e.g. redlining), Register
    • click 'show data source' button
      • move your mouse to right side of your new personel layer - sub menu to add feature classes should appear
        Note: don't add to the built in 'user dedicated PSS (Administrator)', use a seperate site wide PSS.
      • Define your feature classes
      • Add the new redlining feature class(es) to the maps
    • Save workspace (save the workspace - not the map - in order to retain the newly added personel data source)
    • Assign workspace to desired Geospatial Portal as usual
  • Launch the Geospatial Portal. The PSS and features you defined should be available. All users should now have them when launching Geospatial Portal.
Posts: 74
Registered: ‎11-02-2015

Re: GSP - Prepare the feature classes for a personal layer (PSS) for fast redlining

Hi ShaunF,


big thanks for your help. I think I did more or less the same. But instead of creating a new redlinimng feature I have used the personal user dedicated PSS.


So every captured geometry done by diffenert users has been created in this layer.




Geography is what geographers do...
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