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Registered: ‎10-27-2015

Geospatial Portal - XmlHttpRequests sent to SearchHandler.WebClient.ashx are aborted

Hi All,


we are getting  XmlHttpRequests sent to SearchHandler.WebClient.ashx (Gazetteer Search in Portal)  aborted. Does anybody know what is the max time after which XmlHttpRequests are aborted and where can we increase this setting?




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Registered: ‎11-05-2015

Re: Geospatial Portal - XmlHttpRequests sent to SearchHandler.WebClient.ashx are aborted

The Gazetteer panel most probably is using an Ext store as its data store and it is attached to the search handler. As such, this should be controllable through the use of Ext.Ajax.timeout global property in the portal application. You should be able verify your current setting by checking it in the developers console of your browser. I believe the default is set to 30000 miliseconds.


You should be able to override this by modifying one of the startup js files in your portal instance's js folder. E.g. in the init function of the LayoutHelper.js.

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