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Geospatial SDI: Custom validation



I have compiled a plugin for Geospatial SDI 2018 that is impementing the ICustomValidation interface. I am trying to install this plugin on a server now but can't get it to run.


So far I have installed the assembly (and its resources) in the .NET GAC (MSIL) where all the other SDI assemblies lie and are loaded from. After that I have restarted the system but still the Custom Validation won't work.


Any information on the steps that have to be done in order to install such plugins?




Frequent Contributor
Posts: 115
Registered: ‎04-05-2016

Re: Geospatial SDI: Custom validation

[ Edited ]

I found that a <CustomValidateAssemblyName> tag has to be set in the configuration of the profile the validation should be run on. I have updated the version number of the assembly to match the one I have installed in the .NET cache

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