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Installable GeoMedia WebMap Names Table in Appendix A

GeoMedia WebMap Installation Guide > Troubleshooting Installation Using Logs - WebMap



refers to 'where {SoftwareProductName} is one of the Installable Applications under SoftwareProductName identified in Installable GeoMedia WebMap Names Table in Appendix A.'


I can't spot Appendix A.

Looking for silent install parameters via Geospatial Setup Manager for GeoMedia WebMap and Geospatial SDI, along lines of

setup.exe /s GeoMedia /ns

setup.exe /s GeoMedia /ni ACCEPT_EULA=1  INSTALLDIR=\\\"D:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\\\\"

setup.exe /s GeoMedia /c GeoMedia

setup.exe /s GeoMedia /cs GeoMedia

where GeoMedia would be replaced with WebMap Professional and Geospatial SDI names.

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Re: Installable GeoMedia WebMap Names Table in Appendix A

I have gotten as far as getting webmap profesional installed:

setup.exe /s "GWM" /ni ADDLOCAL=Professional ACCEPT_EULA=1  INSTALLDIR=\\\""D:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia WebMap\\\""

setup.exe /s "GWM" /c Professional


I'm believe the available ADDLOCAL names available are Essentials, Advantage, Professional

I suspect there is another to prevent reboot. Not sure if there are others.


Wondering if there is a way to define the inputs to the configuration wizard so it runs silently.

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Re: Installable GeoMedia WebMap Names Table in Appendix A

Has anyone come up with a way of running the WebMap configuration wizard silently?


Can run the GeoMedia Desktop configuration wizard silently by providing a completed Intergraph.GeoMedia.ConfigurationWizard.exe.config file. I can't spot the equivelent for WebMap. 

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Re: Installable GeoMedia WebMap Names Table in Appendix A

Hi Shaun,


Info from DEV:


Configuration Wizard 0.1
Copyright (C) 2012 Intergraph Corporation

  -l, --WebMapLogFolder                  Path of the WebMap log directory where
                                         the log files are created
  -p, --WebMapPublisherProjectsFolder    Path of the WebMap Publisher Projects
                                         directory where the service source
                                         files are stored
  -d, --WebMapPublisherDataFolder        Path of the WebMap Publisher Data
                                         directory where the service source
                                         metadata files are created
  --WebMapPublisherSharedDataFolder      Path of the WebMap Publisher Shared
                                         Data directory where the service
                                         source metadata files are created
  -v, --AdminConsoleVirtualDirectory     Name of the virtual directory for the
                                         Administrative Console. Default is
                                         'AdminConsole'. Optional.
  -w, --Website                          IIS site that on which all required
                                         virtual directories are created.
                                         Default is 'Default Web Site'.
  -c, --WebMapCacheName                  Name of WebMap Cache virtual
                                         directory. Optional
  -a, --WebMapCachePath                  Physical path of the WebMap Cache
                                         virtual directory. Optional
  -s, --WebMapSharePath                  Physical path of the GWMShare virtual
                                         directory. Optional
  -z, --testonly                         Disables action execution, for
                                         debugging only
  -s, --silent                           Run the configuration wizard in silent
                                         batch mode (no console window)
  -u, --uninstall                        Remove configuration necessary for
                                         product uninstallation
  --batch                                Run the configuration wizard in batch
  --removeconfiguration                  Permanently remove the configuration
                                         settings and files
  --help                                 Display this help screen.



I know that our QA team does silent installs all the time, for silent configs, they use this:
Start-Process -FilePath $webmap_config -ArgumentList "--batch --silent -l `"C:\GWMLog`" -p `"C:\WebMap Publisher Projects`" -d `"C:\WebMap Publisher Data`" -w `"Default Web Site`" -v `"AdminConsole`" -c `"gwmcache`" -a `"C:\GWMCache`""
However, there's no silent license enabling as of this time.
To use the setup manager as the entry point to configure an installed app, the sequence would be this:
cmd /C setup.exe /s GWM /ni ADDLOCAL=Professional ACCEPT_EULA=1 /norestart
cmd /C setup.exe /s GWM /c Professional --batch --silent -l "C:\GWMLog" -p "C:\WebMap Publisher Projects" -d "C:\WebMap Publisher Data" -w "Default Web Site" -v "AdminConsole" -c "GWMCache" -a "C:\GWMCache" 
If I'm not mistaken, the quotes around the command line after cmd's /C option are not required and only make it confused when quotes are inside the command line to run.



Hope this helps.






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