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Print Template Scale Bar

I'm creating a print template using the Print Service with PhantomJS. I'm using custom page sizes defined in web.config. When I use the default page sizes (A0-A5), the scale bar appears on the map as it should. However, when I change the page size to using custom sizes, the scale bar gets truncated. Here is what the page sizes in my web.config look like below. I didn't see how to use the PageNames defined on the template themselves, I did notice that with the following page sizes, it sometimes seems off in that even though it's in landscape, the larger page sizes act give a portrait like map selection



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Re: Print Template Scale Bar

[ Edited ]

Hi Anthony,


See if the following posting regarding printing sizes help: 




I notice from the first screenshot on your post: 

"34 x 44, 864,762" should have been "34 x 44, 864,1118



Let me know if it helps 






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Re: Print Template Scale Bar

[ Edited ]

The Print Template scale bar was not correct because the page size had to follow the same ratio as defined at the control level of the print template. If the control width/height had a ratio of 0.70, which is the case for A page sizes, then anything that didn't have that ratio would risk being not included in the map. 


I removed the width/height at the control level of the template and let the page dynamically size itself. Magically, this gave the exact behavior I wanted. In Portal, the selection region is the correct map size and the printed map does not get truncated anymore

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