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Use DB View instead of Table for Search in CP



when I define a Search for Consumer Portal wit an oracle db connection I´m only able to select tables.

How do I access a view for the Search configuration?



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Re: Use DB View instead of Table for Search in CP

Hi Reinhard,


I don't see it documented anywhere but it really looks like the search configuration engine looks only for tables.

I'd have few remarks:

  1. Configure a "dummy" search over a table. Then go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hexagon\Services\AdminInstances\Backend\web.config and under <search><searchers>, replace the tableName="<schema>.<table>" with your VIEW name.
    It might work.
  2. How about materialized views? Are they listed?
  3. Workaround - Create a temporary table that will be filled by trigger(s) when the originating table(s) change.
  4. Portal SDK comes with sample custom searcher project. You can configure your own searcher backend which will also work with VIEWs.




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