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WFS created with GeoMedia 16.5 and WebMap 16.5 is using wrong wrong axis order in requests



I created a WFS with GeoMedia 16.5.0 Build 1109 and WebMap 16.5.0100.00014.

When I try to display the WFS in QGis or GMSC the service seems to be waiting for the wrong axis order in the request.

Taking the URL from GMSC logfile and changing the order in the Bbox will bring some data.

But Bbox=69145.21573854166%2C351457.85202708334%2C70748.13115729166%2C352568.8194520834%2CEPSG%3A31255 should be the correct order for GK M31 (EPSG:31255).


Is there some special line in the web.config or what else is wrong.


By the way: A WMS created from the same geoworkspace is working fine.




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Re: WFS created with GeoMedia 16.5 and WebMap 16.5 is using wrong wrong axis order in requests

The part about WMS working the way you'd expect it to is worrisome. This means that WebMap can correctly identify EPSG:31255 as a N/E order CRS.


What you could try is to provide the WFS with an override of the internal mechanism to determine axis order. Look in its web.config for:

    <WFSBasicOriginatingPipe name="gwmOrigPipe" applicationId="WFS_TestData" firstPipe="false">
      <!-- Sample configuration for WMS Basic originating pipe. -->
      <!-- Attributes supported:
           - name -                 [mandatory] unique name of configured pipe
           - applicationId -        [mandatory] the application id
           - nextPipeName -         [optional] name of next pipe in chain - must match with -name- attribute value of next pipe
           - firstPipe -            [optional] must be set to "true" if current pipe is first pipe in chain, otherwise "false". Default value is false. 
           - countDefault -		      [optional] limits number of features returned in a GetFeature response

      <!-- Configuring the CRSStore for WFSBasicOriginatingPipe allows for better control of the axis order of bounding boxes in requests.
                       This requires that registered csf files have proper axis order specified in the Units and formats tab -->
      <!--<CRSStore storeName="globalStore"/>-->

By generating a GeoMedia Coordinate System File (.csf) with Northing Easting set as the axis order for projection coordinates in the Units and Formats tab. Then register your CSF in the GlobalCRSStore in the same web.config, then link the GlobalCRSStore with the WFSBasicOriginatingPipe, by simply uncommenting the <!--<CRSStore...--> line.


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