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WMPS Service request not using host alias

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Client use WMPS service in Geospatial Portal in version 16.5. Their set up is as follows:

  • A reverse proxy is set up in front of the server that hosts a Geospatial Portal instance, the reverse proxy is assigned with the DNS name Dev.MyServer.com 
  • External traffic https will go to reverse proxy
  • Reverse proxy then sends http request to the server that hosts Geospatial portal instance (client want to make internal traffic using http)
  • Then response is sent back to user via the reverse proxy



When run up the capability document for the WMPS service, it uses URL http://Dev.MyServer.com/WMPublisherPUBService/MapService.svc?wsdl this is because I have set up Dev.MyServer.com as host alias. I have also set up the Root URL http://Dev.MyServer.com. in Miscellaneous in Admin Console.


However when I make a request to the Geospatial Portal instance externally, the WMPS GET request fails, as the MachineName of the Geospatial Portal cannot be resolved externally.
It works if I manually replace the MachineName with Dev.MyServer.com
I am assuming if I could force the WMPS request to use DNS name (Dev.MyServer.com), it will solve the problem. But I am not sure how to achieve that. Any suggestions?
Frequent Contributor
Posts: 134
Registered: ‎04-11-2016

Re: WMPS Service request not using host alias

The Geospatial Portal started picking up the host name alias when requesting the WMPS service after an inadvertent server reboot.

Seems IIS needs to be restarted, same for GeoMedia WebMap, AdminConsole and Capabilities services in Windows Service.





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