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mtransformer output coordinates always in EPSG:3857

Hello good people,


I have a question about mtransformer.  


I use mtransformer  to convert ecw   maptiles myvr o(bjects) to view those objects in the Geospatial portal.


The 3d window in the portal is always openened using epsg 4326.  I cannot change that. As long as I only add layers converted by mtransformer, the picture looked good.


However once i add another wfs or wms map (served in epsg 4326) a huge shift is visible between the objects generated by mtransformer and the other wms of wfs.


That is to my opinion caused by the fact that by default mtransformer   generated the objects in EPSG:3857.   I cannot change the output epsg using the mtransformer client. In the help file is suggested that it can be done using the command line . So I created a batchfile pointing to the executable and using the pipeline.xml as an argument. I validated the xml  with the xsd ffile but when I start the batch file i always get an xml schema validation error.  Also with the pipeline.xml generated by the mtranformer client tool. 


Any ideas or suggestions to solve the shift issue of to use the commandline to change the output epsg  in the pipeline.xml to 4326?






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Re: mtransformer output coordinates always in EPSG:3857

Hi Tjip,



Maybe I'm not understanding completely what is described in your discussion here, but whether creating Map Tiles or Map Objects in mTransformer there is an option to 'Force EPSG' in the GUI if user wishes to create tiles/objects in an EPSG that is not the EPSG native to the source. Is this not an option in your case?


Occasional Contributor
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎10-17-2016

Re: mtransformer output coordinates always in EPSG:3857

Thanks for the relply. Sorry for the late response but  I managed to work on it again only today. And before returning to the community I want to be well prepared ;-).


Anyway I managed to remove the shift for the maptiles.

In the following image you can see that the maptiles and the openstreetmap layer and the building contours are matching perfectly.



Figure 1.


However the 3d objects are shifted a few hundred meters ( figure 2).


Figure 2. Match between generated maptiles and  GM webmap WFS serving building contours and shift of 3d objects.


What did I do to get the maptiles correct?

The original data of the ecw in epsg 28992. I used Imagine to transform the data to epsg 3857

The ecw in epsg 3857  is transformed by mtransformer to 3d objects with epsg 3857 coordinate system forced.

This gave the correct result.


What have I tried to get the 3d objects correct?  3 attemps

The original data is in Citygml  format is in epsg 28992.

1st attempt:

The data was transformed to 3d objects by mtransformer with forged epsg 28992

The resulting  3d objects are displayed in the 3d view of geospatial portal but with the shift as displayed in the image in figure 2.


2nd attempt

The data was transformed to 3d objects by mtransformer with forged epsg 3857

The resulting  3d objects are not visible in the 3d view of the portal on the location where they should be.


3rd  attempt:

The data was transformed to 3d objects by mtransformer with forged epsg 4326

Result: the mtransformer immediately stops with this error:


The fact that the maptiles are positoned  correctly, suggest that the way to correct this shift, is to convert the  epsg 28992 coordinates in the citygml 3d objects to epsg 3857 and run the maptransformer with forged epsg 3857. but   I do not have the tool for that.



So  my question is what other ways are left to correct the shift using mtransformer?








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