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Accepted Solution
WMS is not displayed correctly in its original SRS

Hi All,


I’m using GeoMedia WebMap 2015 EP06 and I’m able to add WFS (1.1.0) and WMS (1.3.0) services from GeoServer which are defined in EPSG:23700 to my Geospatial Portal but the WMS isn’t displayed correctly in this SRS, only in Web Mercator and WGS84.


These are the availabilities:


I had problems with WFS too, but I added this to the config file and it has been solved.


      <serviceQuirk serviceType="WFS" urlPattern="http://">


          <add key="EPSG:23700" value="true" />



          <add key="EPSG:23700" value="true" />




But If I see correctly, it’s not an option for a WMS. The services are displayed well in GeoMedia Desktop and other programmes so I concluded that the issue is whithin WebMap but I don’t know where. Can anyone help with this?


Thank you,



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