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Re: Configuration Wizard - service failure

Turned out to be multiple issues as these things tend to be.

i. I was transferring apollo config catalog db between servers. By editing [CATALOG_SYS_PARAMS] and [Service] service tables to populate values specific to new enviornment and switch from http to https the configuration wizard worked

ii. I was using a service account for Apollo (custom account). Apollo drop box (smart sync)service would not start until I granted the service account full control to registry key HKLM:\System\CurrentControlSet\services\APOLLOSmartSync

iii. client had introduced IIS Request Filtering module. Had to enable a bunch of verbs, urls and file extensions.

iv. client had changed IIS .net Trust levels from Full to Medium. That blocked IIS apps access to environment variables, registry, event viewer and others. Looks like a file access error and with errors not being written correctly to event log a bit tricky to work out.

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