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Quick Check List for setting up a project in GMSC

by Technical Evangelist ‎01-14-2016 05:39 AM - edited ‎01-14-2016 05:41 AM (1,342 Views)

The following points will help you to get quickly started at setting up a project in GeoMedia Smart Client. 


  1. Create Project
  2. Upload your CSF (Restriction: Project CS must be projected) 
  3. Feature Import (Recommended method: Import from database)
  4. Create symbologies or import a library
  5. Configuration of features (scale, assignment of symbologies, changes of loader types,....)
  6. Legend Definition
  7. Overview Definition
  8. ProjectView definition
  9. Publish Order (only needed if you cached features)
  10. Resources (for PrintLayouts or Workflows)
  11. Import of various PrintLayouts
  12. Create a role (claims and feature rights)
  13. Create a user + assignment of the role from step 12


Here are some recommendations for the steps mentioned above:


Step 2: Define the Project CS, which correlates to the coordinate system of the majority of your features.


Step 5: Set the Feature Loader to Cached if you can ensure that the geometries of the feature aren't highly dynamical (for example: Buildings; as soon as you don't get every day new building polygons into the database it is okay to set the feature to Cached)


Step 8: If you want to have more than one role (for example JobEditor and Supervisor) for one project and every role should see a different project start it is necessary to define more than one projectview.


Step 10: Only needed if you want to have images within the PrintLayout or the button of the start of a workflow should be an image.





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