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Object Detection using Deep Learning

Dear all,

I am doing some tests with the new Deep Learning Object Detection Algorithm

I have an image (ECW, 3 bands, Worldview-3 pansharpened).

I have created the training dataset  (using ERDAS) using chips and footprint


The creation of the training set was ok. I created a new folder with all the chips (in tif format) and the xml (one for each tif).

If I try to use the Initialize Object Detection Operator ( I gave as input the folder with the chips and the xml) but I have this error:

14/12/18 15:38:16 SessionMgr(1828): Running command line: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Hexagon/SpatialModeler/16.5/bin/x64URelease/mlpywrapper_gpu.exe "C:/Program Files/Hexagon/ERDAS IMAGINE 2018/etc/MachineLearning/Operators/initializeobjectdetection.
py" "C:/Users/maldera/AppData/Local/Temp/SPATIAL_MODELER-4ae5-a11f-8566-5693-013892/mlpy_jsoninput_d192c473-02fb-4458-8deb-be729e25d492.Json" "C:/Users/maldera/AppData/Local/Temp/SPATIAL_MODELER-4ae5-a11f-8566-5693-013892/mlpy_jsonoutput_49cc8c7e-484c-4
14/12/18 15:40:05 SessionMgr(1828): Could not understand JSON for type: IMAGINE.File
14/12/18 15:40:05 SessionMgr(1828): Operator execution failed.

Where am I going wrong?

thank you
Giuseppe M.

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