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Registered: ‎03-10-2016
Features not displayed in Feature Analyzer



I have a vectorset which does not show the geometry in feature analyzer.

In rich clients it's working fine. I already checked if the ID is set correct and I also found this article, but in my case MApp Service and Tile Service are on the same machine.


Please have a look at the attached screenshot and this is what I get in console:

Laden fehlgeschlagen für das <script> mit der Quelle "https://az416426.vo.msecnd.net/scripts/a/ai.0.js". dev.mappenterprise.de:1:1
I18n: M.App Enterprise Custom I18N strings installed. ipa_app.min.js:736:103108
Source-Map-Fehler: request failed with status 404
Ressourcen-Adresse: https://MYSERVER/FeatureAnalyzer/js/ipa_app.min.js?rel=4946f83347
Source-Map-Adresse: luciad.bundle.js.map[Weitere Informationen]
Downloading View: 1 ipa_app.min.js:743:141547
attributesReader  # : mGL.attributes ipa_app.min.js:685:3201
attributes        # : 4601 ipa_app.min.js:685:3248
attributes ids    # : 4601 ipa_app.min.js:685:3302
prep attributes  ms : 28 ipa_app.min.js:685:3349
You are using d3.schemeCategory20c, which has been removed in D3v5. See the explanation at https://github.com/d3/d3/blob/master/CHANGES.md#changes-in-d3-50. DC is using it for backward compatibility, however it will be changed in DCv3.1. You can change it by calling dc.config.defaultColors(newScheme). See https://github.com/d3/d3-scale-chromatic for some alternatives. ipa_app.min.js:622:9902
queue length: 2 ipa_app.min.js:743:62603
menuload ipa_app.min.js:611:11080
drawing  index ipa_app.min.js:685:4932
Error: WebGL warning: clear: This operation requires zeroing texture data. This is slow. ipa_app.min.js:685:5251


Thanks in advance


GAUSS Ingenieurtechnik GmbH | Germany
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