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Show a single image out of an imagery-set in Desktop App

Hey there,


I have a set of images which I want to connect as an imagery-connection in Studio.


I want to create a desktop-app where the user can choose in a list (created with workflow editor) which single image out of this set is shown in the map.


My intention:

  • Images in the folder are named image1.tif, image2.tif, image3.tif, ....
  • this folder "Images" is added to MAE via "Imagery"
  • I want to add a folder with this dataset in desktop app (maybe a hidden one)
  • At this point, the user can only show all or none of the files with show/hide
  • I want to create a list (list is already available) with a row action, where the user can choose which of the single image will be shown
  • the row action should do sth. like "show image2.tif"

Can this be done with existing tools?


Or must I connect every single image as seperate "Imagery"?


Thanks in advance


GAUSS Ingenieurtechnik GmbH | Germany
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