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Mobile-App: WMS is not displayed correctly
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Hello, everyone,

I would like to include a WMS in the mobile app. Here is the GetCapabilities-Request:


Unfortunately the WMS appears wrong in the mobile app or with empty tiles. I integrated it as follows:


	  <UrlTileOverlay Id="WMS" TileWidth="1024" TileHeight="1024" MinimumZoomLevel="1" MaximumZoomLevel="50000" Url="http://gis1.sutter-ag.ch/WI_LKMAP_079_WMS/service.svc/get?version=1.3.0&amp;service=WMS&amp;request=GetMap&amp;crs=EPSG%3A2056&amp;bbox=
	  {bbox}&amp;width={width}&amp;height={height}&amp;layers=Linie&amp;styles=&amp;format=image/png&amp;transparent=true" />

Is that correct? Do I still have to adjust anything?
Thank you very much for your help.



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