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Analyzer API documentation

Hi there,


Is there any documentation on how to use the Analyzer API?


I've successfully created additional stages and features through the browser console using the following code as a template:

let stage = await Analyzer.createStage("AdditionalLayer", { mode: "EnterpriseConnector", vectorset: "MyVectorSet", datasetName: "MyVectorData"});

var theme = Analyzer.createThemeWidget(stage, "Feature");


stage = Analyzer.findStageModel("AdditionalLayer");

var featureLayer = Analyzer.createFeatureLayer(stage);


I want to create another feature layer in my view now, but I want the data to be retrieved from a Query API call instead of specifying a vector dataset (bold text in code snippet). Do you know if this is possible?


Thanks in advance for any help.


Kind Regards,


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