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Offline workflow help

This project is my first attempt at offline workflows. I have some simple offline workflows done for this project but this one is a little more complicated so any advice would be appreciated. 



Basically what I have is an online workflow that allows the user to select Paddocks on a farm then start the workflow to make recommendations for the chemicals that need to be applied.

This workflow gets the ID, Owner details, Area and Paddock name (up to 3 paddocks can be selected) from the selected features then the user can add the chemical recommendations on the form.


Ideally I would like to

  • Select a number of paddocks
  • Start the offline workflow
  • Use Paddock details from the selected paddocks on the form
  • Enter chemical recommendations
  • Save the Geometry. This would need to create a multipolygon geometry from the selected paddocks that can be modified by the user to exclude part of a paddock

Is this possible?



The Issues I have at the moment include

  • getting the details from the selected paddocks.
  • Saving the geometry. I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling the user will need to draw the polygons to show the selected paddocks




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