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Registered: ‎05-30-2016
Customising legend item options menu
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For our current Geospatial Portal project, using Portal SDK, we need to be able to manipulate/customise the options menu for layers in the legend.


Currently the customer is not keen on the way the "Layers" tab arranges the layers, but at the same time the "Categories" tab options menu, for each layer, lacks the "Translucency" option.

I can't seem to find any suggestions that the option menu can be manipulated via the API or any examples on how to do it via customising files.

In short terms, what we need is to:


  1. Be able to add e.g. translucency to the legend item options menu in categories tab.
  2. Be able to hide unused legend item options menu items.

Could you please advice us on how we can achieve this?

Who Me Too'd this topic