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Bounding box data not accepted by zoom-function

Hello everybody,


I have a working Smart M.App, made out of a recipe panel and a BI Map panel. A choropleth is drawn near Rotterdam, Netherlands, and it works, as well as the charts. 

Out of the GeoJSON which is used, I can extract the bounding box information. I checked and made sure they are the correct coordinates. I have been trying to implement a zoom function using these coordinates:


gsp.map.zoom({"bbox": [4.538801, 51.915823, 4.552856, 51.918814], "animationTime": 1}, 
function zoomSuccess(){
}, onError


The problem is: every time it zooms to the same location [0, 0, 0, 0]. I've tried many configurations, but it seems like the boundingbox-data is removed from the function, in some way. Maybe the function expects the arguments in a different format.


Does anyone have experience with this? I read a topic which is quite similar to this one, but I can't find a solution over there either. I was wondering if there is currently anyone who knows the reason or has a solution for this.




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